Anne Marie Wyse Murray

"A Voice of  Gold"
-Orlando Press Florida

"It was a delightful surprise and a revelation to hear you."
Gerald Wexler
Producer-Ray Charles

"Sweet Souveniers of Stepan  has the making of a hit ballad"
     Atlantic City Press.


"Many of the works she has written such as Cold Winter in Rome---The Streets of Old St. John's and The Dancers of the Caribbean are in a class with the work of Jacques Brel, one of the finest songwriters in Christendom"  
Max Ferguson,

Los Angeles Agent/Promoter, Harry Watters is now Promoting Anne Marie Wyse-Murray's Song:
"The Leeward Islands/West Indies"
*Written and recorded by Anne Marie Wyse-Murray
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Sweet Souvenirs of Stefan

A Place in My Heart

The Streets of Old St. Johns
~ Her Native Newfoundland ~
YouTube video produced by Memorial University - St. John's Newfoundland and honoured as the official song for a Royal visit to St. John's Newfoundland

West Indies Dancers - Jump-up Time

A Rose In a Winter Storm

Caroline of Charming Cross

All About Jazz Interviews Anne Marie Murray

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The finest of Classic Contemporary Music for Love, Healing, Relaxation,
Meditation, Enjoyment & Transformation
Anne Marie believes that "Music is the best Medicine" and is a natural power in the prevention of the modern world's stress, as it feeds the human spirit with warmth, beauty and colour.

Anne Marie is also the founder of Avalon Publishing (API - a voice for the voiceless).
Contact Founder of Avalon Publishing: 613 233-0464


Hear New Music by Anne Marie

Pale Moon Over Manhatten Pale Moon Over Manhatten
Words & Music by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray
Voice & Piano by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray

Mr. Blue Mr. Blue
Words & Music by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray
Voice & Piano by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray

The Trees of Summertime Trees of Sunnertime
( France - Claude Monet )
Words and Music by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray

I Hear a Rhapsody I Hear a Rhapsody
... In Memorium ...
Words & Music by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray
Voice & Piano by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray

Sublimation Street (Montreal to Olde Paree) Trees of Summertime
( France - Quebec )
Words & Music by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray
Voice & Piano by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray

Mr. Redmond Trees of Summertime
( Ireland )
Words & Music by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray
Voice & Piano by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray

The San Sebastian Story The San Sebastien Story
( Spain )
Words & Music by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray
Voice & Piano by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray

The Guest List - Cana of Galilee The Guest List
Words & Music by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray
Voice & Piano by: Anne Marie Wyse-Murray


In support of the work of Amnesty International in making it a humane world  and the humane treatment of all animals
...See "Horses" >>>

CD Releases From Anne Marie Wyse-Murray



"Sounds of Newfoundland"
Anne-Marie (Wyse) Murray

Member of SOCAN

Sounds of Newfoundland
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Sounds of Newfoundland
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Mr. Blue


"Mr. Blue"
Anne-Marie (Wyse) Murray
"Sounds from Newfoundland"

Anne Marie (Wyse) Murray

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A part of Canada's history/heritage:
 The untold story regarding a King William of England in Newfoundland.

"Mrs. Henshaw"
From the  Series:
"Inside Newfoundland"

Also includes songs of Newfoundland recorded Radio Canada International

"A brilliant work"
... Jack McClelland

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The Paris Trilogy

- The Last Time I Saw Paris
© Jerome Kern
   - By the Lovely River Seine
PD - Old Paris Song of the Left Bank
- I love Paris
© Cole Porter

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Portraits In Words and Song
 "Has Love Gone Out of Style"
"Streets of Old St. John's"
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Anne Marie:  Born in the Avalon in Newfoundland, known for its wild roses and storms off the North Atlantic.
     Ancestral Family, the Wyses of Waterford, fought for Anglo-Irish peace in Ireland, an Anglo-Norman people who arrived in Ireland in 1107. Some came to Newfoundland, the first of Britain's overseas colonies in the late seventeen hundreds.  William IV, as the young Duke of Clarence, was surrogate magistrate there during that time.  In 1945 Churchill and Roosevelt signed the Atlantic Charter off the coast of the nearby, once strategic U.S. Naval Base.
     At sixteen, Anne Marie left to begin musical studies at the Royal conservatory of Music affiliated with the University of Toronto.  She saw Canada firsthand, travelling and singing across the country twice by train across the winter prairies in a singing tour with CN/CP Hotels.  She also sang for the Hileah Horse Races - a celebration during the social season festivities in Bal Harbour, Miami Beach, for members of the White House.  She researched Celtic History and Music in Ireland, spending a summer singing on its beautiful West Coast, and travelled and wrote in Europe and the Leeward Islands of the West Indies and the songs she has written reflect the inspiration of that odyssey.
     Albums with the CBC Broadcast Recording are in CBC libraries across Canada, and a Radio Canada International offering of the music of Newfoundland with RCI affiliates throughout the world and Libraries of Canadian embassies.


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Faites un pas à l'intérieur du monde d'Anne Marie Wyse-Murray et laissez sa musique couler avec vous au monde de la paix et de l'harmonie. Énumérés, ci-dessous sont seulement quelques uns de ses travaux.

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Fondateur d'Avalon Publishing: 613-233-0464
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  Titles of Songs and some of her work:
* The Indian Giver ©
* Has Love Gone out of Style ©
* Deep in The Heart of Winter ©
* The Bread of Angels
* The French Song
* The Distilled Essence
* In Your Weakness my Power is Made Perfect- Conversations of Christ/Songs for Health and Healing ©
* Contemplative Prose/Prose/Meditation
* Circle - Chanson Tranquille, The Mediterranean World. Italy, Sandeleri - The Sun Dream

* The Hockey Stick Society
* The Trees of Summertime - Claude Monet
* Mozambique
*Life is a Bittersweet Song
* America

Dedication (2017)
We are living on a cruel planet---people eating tortured animals on a day-to-day basis--not caring and unaware of the health problems this could cause to themselves and their children. Some 20% to 30% of the population of the so-called “free world” are not voting. Many are young and appalled by the torture of animals and humans that they see and, in seeing, recoil in horror from voting.  
However, many organizations fight to make it a humane world. I thank, as the founder of API, all the citizens of the world who have helped these organizations to help the victims of torture, both human and animal.   The royalties of my life's work go to help these organizations, in perpetuity, as a Roman Catholic, in the ecumenical spirit, to help charitable organizations of the Roman Catholic church, the Salvation Army, the Anglian church and all people of good will and kindness who help  all living creatures, human and animal, and help us all to comprehend that lost word of the english language: empathy -- as opposed to sympathy.
The following is a list of organizations we have helped - beginning in the early seventies with Amnesty International, The Christian Children’s Fund of Canada and proceeding on through time to help PETA- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, UNICEF, United Nations for Children-Refugees, Doctors without Borders, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, The World Wildlife Fund, The Animal Defense League of Canada, The Ottawa Humane Society,…etc.
Also, thank-you to those people in my native Newfoundland, who worked so hard in trying to help in the humane killing of Newfoundland Seals, some of whom created an organization to help the seals. Thank-you to members of CBC Radio in St. John's who helped save Newfoundland Ponies and Horses from cruel, inhumane slaughter in local slaughter-houses and whom API Avalon Publishing Intl was relieved and proud to help these beautiful creatures. In memory of my mother, a vegetarian, and my kind father who would not hurt or harm a living creature, I am happy to say this. Also the children-refugees who have been forced to flee cruel warlords -- Forced to that we see so often on CNN and also the great men and women Doctors without Borders whom many people in the world have supported, who worked so hard as bombs fell, to the disgrace of the war-machine, in hospitals to help the ill and wounded. Thesee great doctors kept bravely soldiering on, in spite of the terror.
May Almighty God bless them all.
Avalon Publishing International Founder Anne-Marie Theresa Wyse-Murray.
All royalties from Anne Marie Wyse Murray will go in perpetuity, after her lifetime, to these organizations.
September 12 2017.


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